Asus rog 5 Last update 18.0840.2107.151 is very bad.



  • Nope, the only answer from the support guy is to take backup and do a factory reset (that's doesn't help either). No resolution/communication has been received on this from the Asus support guys (this is not what I expected from these guys) however IMO we would have to wait for the next update (being optimistic that they have heard our issues and are working on the fix).

  • The issues are increasing day by day. Attached is the error screenshot "imobile pay keeps stopping". This error pops up atleast twice a day.

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    Have you update Google Play Services in other app store other than Google Play Store?

    Usually this would happen if the above is the case, but try uninstall updates for Google Play Store and Google Play Services, Clear cache and data and restart the phone.

  • Same issue again and again! Already reset done thrice, still problem is arising. Is there no solution to the vibration problem?! When will the best update come?

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    Have you tried the single test in the calculator? Type in .12345+= and do single tests and then do all vibration tests. If one fails then you know you need to go to service centre.

  • I've tried this test and sometimes it shows pass sometimes fail. Attached screenshots.

    I dont think giving phone to service center will help as it seems to be a software issue (after resetting the phone the vibrations starts working for sometime). Also what concerns me is, where are the Asus guys? Why can't they reply or give suggestions whether the phone needs to be sent to service center or we need to wait for an update?

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    I've used iOS however there isn't any app like play store or play services in app store (at least I haven't found that). And I've never used any other OS. So to answer your first question, no I haven't used Google Play or services in other app stores.

    Regarding your second question, I ve cleared the cache and that didn't help. The error of imobile pay still persists. Don't want to delete storage, I ve already lost a lot of my imp memories due to resetting so don't want to take anymore risk unless someone guarantees it will fix the issue.

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    I am not sure how it happened but the issue got resolved automatically.

    What happened was, today morning my phone switched off due to low battery. I put my phone for charging while keeping it switched off and restarted phone when my battery was around 25-30%. After a couple of hours I noticed that my phone started vibrating (maybe it started earlier and I didn't notice or maybe it actually started after couple of hours). I didn't try to launch armory crate app however now after 10-11 hours I tried launching armory crate and it works as well. Vibration test is showing all green too. 😊

    I am not sure if it was due to phone getting switched off due to low battery or it is a lucky day for me 😂. Still thought of sharing my experience with you all hoping it would help someone.

    I will let you guys know if the issues are observed again.

  • Am facing the same issue as the armoury crate restarts my phone every time I open armoury crate. Am bit skeptical now to update it to 176 ...will wait for feedback

  • Holy ****. I actually tried this out and it worked!! I drained the battery completely and charged it again and switched it on again and voila.. The vibration works now. I don't know why it worked. But thanks a lot for posting your experience. Normally it dies out after one vibration and now it has given me more than one.. Thank you so much!

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