Less bass after repair.

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I was one of the unfortunate people who's phone bricked itself. I now have it back from being repaired, but noticed that the sound isn't as good. The sound isn't bad, but the bass seems to be way lower. I've have it set to maximum, but it's not all that great. Has anyone else noticed this?

I've watched a teardown video, and I don't think the speakers would of needed to of been removed to replace the parts that they replaced. I was really happy with the sound l originally, but not so much now.


  • @Lammy By bricked you mean the RAM dump issue that has been reported a couple of times here on the forum?

    If you suspect that your device was negatively altered in some way during the repair process, please contact the service center which handled your device.

    Either way, please check your inbox for a PM from me with some follow-up questions.

  • LammyLammy Level 2

    @Gustav_ASUS Yes the ram dump issue.

  • @Lammy Thanks! Please check your inbox as well. 🙂

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