Zenfone 8 & 8 Flip with global carrier Telenor not working with 5G, VoLTE or VoWiFi still

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Dear Asus,

Your Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 8 flip is sold all over the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark) but you have not yet certified it against the largest Carrier (Telenor / www.telenor.se, www.telenor.no, www.telenor.dk, www.telenor.fi) for 5G, VoLTE and VoWiFi. When looking in the settings of the phone there is no menu for VoLTE or VoWiFi and if you switch on 5G it does no longer work to send or receive SMS and MMS. This leaves your flagship phone and its users in a crippled mode.

However the Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 8 flip works with the carriers Tele2/Comviq www.tele2.se and Telia www.telia.se.

When will you certify the phone for Telenor and provide a software update to support 5G, VoLTE and VoWiFi for all users on this carrier network? The functions have been available with Telenor for more than 2 years now and they work fine with Huawei and Samsung to name a few competitors.

We are many proud Asus users of Zenfone (and your other products) who want this to work also with Telenor (they have some 200 million subscribers worldwide).

Please provide a solid answer and timeline please.


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