Z6 completly broken

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  1. Model Name: 6Z
  2. Firmware Version: Newest (i think)
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Twice, second time dead.
  5. Warranty is passed. Over 2 years since purchase.

For the second and maybe last time i am back on my samsung galaxy A5 from 2017 which works somewhat ok.

My 6Z just died today for no reason that i know of. It worked perfectly fine before i put it in my pocket. When i tried to turn it on again, nothing happened. Tried holding the power button, still no response.

Then i tried power button + volume down for "safe boot mode" or something. It turned on and i proceeded to boot by pressing the power button once.

When the asus logo came up, it kinda froze for a while and then the logo glitched followed by a black screen.

This has happened once some time ago, but it started working fine again.

I was not able to turn it on at all before like 2 hours. Tried charging and different button combinations.

After that it suddenly tried to boot after a single power button press, and rebooted 3 times before success. I could get directly to the homescreen, as it skipped the "phone starting" stage after login. I could see a notification about it checking my "samsung sd card"??

And then the screen turned black while it still was lit and navigation buttons still showing. I did another power button + vol down hold and it just stuck to a reboot loop.

It reacts randomly to different buttom presses and sometimes blacks out completly.

I have read that closed discussion where it concludes motherboard broken, and i believe the same happened to me.

I will not send my phone to some repair shop again as it took 3 months just to get my screen replaced last time. (Quality repairshop btw). There is no local asus support center or alike in my country. I simply don't trust putting money into this sketchy phone anymore...

Im just wondering if i ever can trust asus enough for a 8Z or 8Z flip? From looking around zentalk, the 8Z seems to have an absurd amount of problems too?


  • Seriously?! Do you still want to go for ASUS?

  • Not sure yet, what would you go for? Havent seen any other phones so far with so much "customizeability". The smart button is also incredibly nice

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    Though ASUS offers really tempting products, its customer support and repair services are horrible. It has been around 45 days and I still haven't got my phone 5z repaired. The service centre probably performed some botched repair and the device went into some bootloader loop and was practically dead!

    I'm from India and have read several posts of such experiences on this community alone. Just go through some posts on the phone section and decide for yourself.

    Though the Indian mid-range phone market is saturated with bloatware-loaded phones, I would have gone for a Samsung phone. Never gonna buy ASUS device!

  • Also, is there any way at all i could transfer the data through usb onto my pc? Or would that be impossible since its pretty much dead?

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