Asus F15 Multi Display Output

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Model: Asus Tuf F15 RTX3050 i7-11370H



Our 3D modelling company recently bought an Asus Tuf F15 RTX3050 i7-11370H to use as home work laptops. The laptop is running our software perfectly fine.

We believe the USB-C thunderbolt output is connected to the motherboard whereas the HDMI is connected to the Graphics card.

We use dual 24" monitors at work @1080p. Is the Asus Tuf F15 capable of outputting to both these displays as well as the laptop display, essentially giving us 3 displays at once? If so what might be the configuration of cables we would use?


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    Hi there,

    This type C port is supporting TB4 and DP1.4 display signal.

    You can connect Type C and HDMI port to external monitor at the same time.

    Thank you.

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