7 pro without Asus cover vs camera modul

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When I bought Zenfone 7 pro I always use manufacture cover with lock for camera. Today I take off it and when I put phone on the table I heard sound like moving camera module. i touched module and its a little moving. Its normal thing or it should be stiff? Im afraid for camera module in future. How about warranty if module will moves more and more..?


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    That's normal. If you shake your phone the module is not stiff.

  • Hmm. Do you know about any case with moving more and more camera module? I tried find in the Intetnet but nothing..

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    Check out the rhino shield. It's bulky though.

  • If its normal (not stiff module) i will try use without any case. This Asus case is making much bigger phone and heavy.. Are you using any case? What about scratches on rear? I had zenfone 3, 5z and all have scratches.. To be honest 3 I used 3 years and none scratches, but wife take it for 2 weeks to her bag and a few scratches.. 5z I had 2 years and 2-3 scratches on rear.. how it is with 7 pro?

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    I was using the clear case that came with the phone. But it was too slippery and prone to scratches. So I just bought a cheap flexible TPU case. Honestly it's great and provides good grip.

    Also bought a protector for the lens

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