Zenbook Pro Duo (UX581) Display Grain

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I purchased zenbook pro duo last year Nov 2020. I noticed white shade on display white working on grey background 4 months ago. I found it very distracting while I work on laptop.

I submit the laptop at service centre for the same issue they told it is defective and replaced the display. New display is more worse than the previous one.

Again I submit the laptop at service centre for same issue they checked everything and after 5 days they said that this is not a issue it's very common on OLED displays.

Every brand is accepting it as a manufacturing defect and providing replacement or refund for same while Asus is not accepting it as a issue.

I am very disappointed with asus. I found it very hard to work on this laptop.

I want to ask Asus to fix this issue or provide me a replacement.



  • Hi there,

    Do you mean this part?

    Can you provide more picture under different scenario?

    Thank you.

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