What We Want In the Next Update (Feel Free to Add More if I Miss Anything)

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog 5 256GB
  2. Firmware Version: .86 Latest
  3. Rooted or not: Never
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Daily
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


After looking at many threads, it's blindingly obvious that the Rog 5 is still facing issue after issue. Every update seems to cause more issues than it fixes & it's very frustrating. This isn't a cheap device, it's a Flagship (Well it was until Asus Randomly released the 5S variant which in my opinion was super unnecessary). Considering the price of this device, software support/after care should be PARAMOUNT for ANY phone company. Anyway, the forthcoming list is what I & I'm sure many others want FIXED in the next update.

1. Speakers. When the Rog 5 was first released the speakers were Excellent. Easily the best in the world. But somewhere along the line they were ruined with a update. Asus did 3 updates to fix the speakers, all of which failed to give the speakers their original quality. Asus, I'm speaking for ALL Rog 5 users when I say this: Can you PLEASE revert the speaker quality back to how it was when you first released the Rog 5.

2. Battey Drain. Android system seems to be eating up the battery life along with Kernel Android OS & Media Storage. This isn't affecting all users but it's affecting a significant amount including myself. Please fix this. The Rog 5 has a 6000MAH battey, it should be performing much better than it is.

3. Refresh Rate. Many users have asked for a 90HZ option. It seems that battery drains super quick on 120HZ & 144HZ. The phone gets hot like crazy on the higher refresh rates too. I've compared it to my Rog 3 & the Rog 3 handles the refresh rates much BETTER. 90HZ would be fantastic! If you can't do 90HZ atleast fix the temperature 🌡️ Higher temperature = more battery drain obviously.

4. Temperature. This is a HOT phone. Even simple tasks like web browsing turn it into a handheld oven. If it means you have to lower the CPU speed, just do it. Make some changes to the battery modes which lower the CPU speed to decrease the temperature. If the user wants the CPU speed higher at the cost of temperature, make that option too in battey mode 🔋.

5. WiFi, Hotspot, SIM Tray & Calls not working after .86 update. This issue isn't affecting me but it's affecting others. I'm sure you're looking into this.

If there's anything I've missed, feel free to add at your convenience. If there's any fixes for the above mentioned bugs, please do share them too.

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  • I am also faccing issues

  • 1.) I assume they changed it on purpose as they may have gotten many RMA's due to blown speakers, so they need to lower the max output and recalibrate the entire thing.

    2 & 3.) The difference betwen 120hz and 90hz isnt that massive, the battery drain mainly stems from software draining in the background in the actual OS. That being said, 90hz is unlikely to happen as it requires a custom profile and such, seeing how the Rog3 still has a badly calibrated screen an entire year later, most probably due to pixelworks license, I think we can safely Assume the rog5 is no different.

    4.) Indeed in need of fixing ASAP, I think this is ASUS's number 1 priority.

    5.) Not sure if this is even fixable to begin with, as with each release qualcomm restricts developers more and more from being able to modify things.

  • Thanks for your response. I wasn't even aware that speakers were blowing up 😂

    I see. Looks like they need to make some adjustments with the Android System & Kernel OS apps. These 2 apps drain battery like there's no tomorrow. Super frustrating. Just comparing battery life with my Rog 3, the Rog 3 is much longer lasting & this shouldn't be the case. Some serious optimization is needed.

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    More optimization in games. While playing games and recording. There is a sudden stuttering and sudden screen freeze issue.

  • This is from me:

    1. My phone would suddenly freeze and I must force restart it. Fix it asus because it's not comfortable to get screen freeze every 1-3 days

    2. Allow us to turn on RGB when open camera app. Add option to allow us turn it on like previous update

    3. Add virtual RAM like other phones. This is good option ven if it's speed not like real RAM

    4. The last but the most important is HEAT!!! You must fix this ASAP because this phone is very hot even for daily use. Lower it's clock if it's necessary. We don't want powerful performance but it's hot is very not comfortable at hands

  • 3.) adding virtual ram would decrease performance. The Rog lineup has so much ram using zram is absolutely dumb in any way.

    4.) can't be fixed, it's designed like this.

  • 3. They will bring that to rog 5s. So why not rog 5 basic get it too?

    4. They can if they want. For example they can add balance mode like mi mix 4. It's effective to reduce temperature of SD 888+ which is hotter than SD 888. So why not do something like that for this phone?

  • 3.) No they won't because that would be dumb. Also you can enable it if you want to decrease performance.

    4.) They can't it's a physical problem NOT software. Making the phone even slower then you'd be crying about laggy chrome.

  • 3. But it will come anyway 😂

    4. You won't get laggy chrome because you lower your cpu speed 🤣

    Mi mix 4 already prove it with their balance mode. Lower performance but comfortable for daily use

  • Do yourself a favor, root ur device, lower your clockspeed manually and come again tell me that it won't cause lags.

    and no it won't.

  • 3) already expressed on this virtual ram function, the initial idea is good for entry-level devices and now put forward by stupid manufacturers who act the worst ideas of their marketing department for flagship phones from the top of range and who do not even know how to best manage the 12 and 16 GB of these devices.

    or don't want to because you have to get your hands dirty (kernel).

    4) as Danishblunt says, the technological limit is reached with the current gravuve, the share already slows down the frequency and you can also put in dynamic or 60fps and ultra durable. another design may lower the temperature for the user by a few ° C but will not change the internal temperature. The only solution is to use a fan, but well designed, not the one from the rog5 unfortunately, look at BLACK SHARK FunCooler 2 Pro if I'm not mistaken.

  • 1. You should work on music wizard as when we listening music with big speakers like in car or in home via Bluetooth connectivity voice is not original and not natural.

    2. Please make u mobile app working as it is still not supporting.

    3. What's app business lagging most of the times while taking photos and also when we are forwarding more than 50 photos at a time..

    4. Sometimes phone audio gone it need restart.

    5. Sometime facing issue system not responding.

    6. When we are on Bluetooth call sometime we use to click on speaker option but speaker won't get enabled.

    7. Please add option to disable audio wizard as it affects original sound when we are listening music to big speakers


    Front camera selfies are so horrible as I have a pretty face though.

    It beautifies a lot. So much effects of oil painting. While making video calling on any 3rd party app like whatsapp or Facebook the front facing camera becomes horrible and shows like oil painting pictures. I know it's a gaming phone so what camera is also a priority in this flagship phone.


  • Cameras might be Asus's last priority on Rog tbh

    Zenfone gets a lot of camera optimisation related love tho lol

  • Does this match anyone else's battery life?

    If anyone is having issues with battery life please factory reset your phone atleast once. I did that and I could notice an improvement. It's been observed by more people on the forums I believe.

  • Now it has lower temperature after new update and it's reduce 5c when I played Mobile Legends compare to before

    It's a prove that ASUS can reduce temperature with optimize their software

    It's time for ASUS to shine and show the world if they're the best gaming phone

    btw, you can do antutu and see the improvement from previous firmware score

  • Can you send the link to download the new update I can't see it on Asus website

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