Black level problems in 60 and 120 Hertz

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Changing the brightness causes black to not appear as proper black, on 60 and 120 Hertz. 90 Hertz has no issues, I have seen this complaint before, not sure if it's an panel or software issue, but it should be checked as it makes anything but 90 Hertz a pain to use! 60 Hertz with DC dimming also works.



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    There's another issue with horrible colour rendering in very low brightness, very noticeable in dark mode WhatsApp. That is definitely not normal, something is messed up badly. Weirdly enough, it only seems to happen in dark conditions, when the room is well lit I can't see it. I don't even know what's happening anymore.

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    I might send the phone back. It's a shame really, I like it, but the display issues for me are just too much on a new device.. If this is Samsungs fault I hope you guys will be able to work out a deal, cause it ruins an otherwise great phone. Just as I thought I found a good phone I notice issues that keep me from using it, I checked my old phone (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) and it has no such display issue at any brightness level. If this is a software issue please tell us. If it's possible, allow us to use DC dimming above 60 hertz, since that seems to fix all issues

  • I realized that the effect is noticeable at a certain brightness from about 50% to 30%, go to the hertz change menu and switch from 90 to 120 and back. Gray highlights are especially noticeable on the sides.

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  • @b0ttl3m4n OLED displays usually perform better at higher brightness levels. It's also normal to see some variations between different refresh rate settings. If you're sensitive to this and can't find a mode (60/90/120) that suits you I understand if you'd want to return your device within the refund period.

  • I got used to running 120 Hertz at day and 60 Hertz + DC dimming at night. Perfect solution for both, atleast for me. I never had these kind of issues before but I also never had a phone with more than 60 Hertz admittedly so I'm probably just not used to it ^^'

  • @b0ttl3m4n I'm glad to hear that!

  • Me too, it's a great phone, that was just something that concerned me, but it actually seems normal. I guess it's the price of high refresh rate displays, but even 90 Hertz is already a big improvement over 60 and in my opinion easily enough, if lowering the refresh rate to 90 Hertz for the next phone allows for better overall display quality I would definitly think about that, it's the best combination for smoothness and battery life after all

  • Oled panels tend to have issues on higher refresh rate if calibration is not at par as asus also have major flaws in screen calibration , i am a rog 3 user and its just bad in our devices and i dont know how severe it is for you guys are having on zenfone 8 but its no surprise to hear to have issues and yea 90hz is the best overall for battery and performance and i suggest you to use auto as it will dynamically adjust refresh rate according to content as most of the time , it will run at 90hz in ui so you wont have to constantly change it every time you do something else, just an advice ......... ;)

  • Don't forget commas and other punctuation.

    If 90Hz is the best, why would someone choose auto ?

  • Haven't i mentioned that auto will run 90hz most of the times and also how can i know why will you use 90hz over auto , its a matter or preferences

    I always use 120hz but i Haven't mentioned that coz i like to use 120hz only as its my preference but i only stated things that seems to be common and you are always free to choose what suits you best, its just an advise as always

    (about commas and punctuation , I suck at grammatical perfection so bear me there...)

  • I'm closing this thread as the owner got the answer he was looking for.

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