Text Formation Error

b0ttl3m4nb0ttl3m4n Level 2
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Slight formation error in the scheduled charging text



  • Hi @b0ttl3m4n,

    Thanks for noticing it :)

  • b0ttl3m4nb0ttl3m4n Level 2
    edited August 2021

    No problem. I hope the display issues get acknowledged too. The phone got lots of problems in the different refresh rate modes, no true black on 60 Hertz (without DC dimming) and on 120 Hertz, on 90 Hertz it's fine, but colours seem washed out and anything below 30% brightness completely messes up the screens colours.. It's extremely inconsistent and easily reproducable especially on the lowest brightness, the Media player changes colours drastically when swapping Hertz modes through the quick settings toggle. At this point I'm just unsure about how to handle it, I can still send the phone back after all, I don't know if it's a software or panel issue, but it definitly makes it hard to really fall in love with this phone :/

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