Where can I buy the rog phone 5 ultimate in Canada?

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Just looking for basic info. I've been waiting for many years to get one. I believe this is one I just can't pass up. Can I even get one in Canada? And if I get the American version, will it work in Canada? It feels like Asus is ignoring this market. And always keeps their products just out of reach.


  • Why not buy 5s pro?

    It has better design and performance rather than ultimate

    The only downside is it has worst thermal throttle and more heater than ultimate

  • CIGCIG Level 2

    dont buy this smartphone bro .....

  • IlyasIlyas Level 2
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    Buy it. I still am using the Rog phone 2 since launch and had no issues despite million of comments like the one above. Consider me one of the happy customers that come on this forum (as they say, you'll only hear complaints in forums and the majority of the happy customers are not going to be down here)

    Yes one big gripe is the software update support. But honestly, that doesn't bother me either.

    I'll either get the 5s or the next Rog phone when it becomes available in UK. A mod said it will arrive in August (don't know if it's still confirmed) but definitely wait for someone from Asus/mods to answer this question

  • They still not launch 5s for global

    It's even don't have global certificate

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