Option for the screen to stay off when toggling torch on/off via squeeze

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So i find the squeeze feature to be a very nifty feature but get this. If you squeeze your phone from a locked state to activate the flashlight, the screen turns on as well and you'd have to actively press the power button to turn it off again (unless you wait 5 seconds for the screen to turn off on its own, which is impractical).

This defeats the purpose of the "convenience" the squeeze feature offers cus you'd still be doing unnecessary actions.

What i would like to happen/think should happen is that the screen should play no part in this at all unless the power button itself is pressed. You squeeze the phone, torch turns on/off - that simple.

Is there a way to go about this since the mods/devs obviously don't care about the issues we bring up in this forum. Any hidden settings i should know about or third party apps?


  • This could be solved both in software and kernel wise. Maybe bring this up in the cleanslate topic on XDA, he is into these kinds of features.

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