Asus Fx516 3060 Screen warm color problem

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i bought Fx516 3060 laptop. color of this laptop is very warm and it can't see white color correctly.


i try to change RGB color and add some blue but it still warm. i change any setting like color management

in windows, graphic command center,ArmouryCrate and etc.

even in boot menu color is too warm. i saw this ( but his problem was not solved

what should i do?


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    Hi there,

    It is not a problem.

    Please kindly understand that FX516 series is using IPS panel.

    It is normal that IPS panel is showing much warmer color than other kind.

    Thank you very much.

  • The laptop on the left also has an IPS screen. I checked many laptops with IPS panel. None of them were warm and yellow. Even the old laptops No one mentioned this in any of the YouTube reviews.

    I have manipulated a lot of color settings but the color of the screen is still yellow and warm

  • Hi there,

    Each panel from different suppliers would have different performance.

    Thank you.

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    Do all Asus fx516 laptops have the same problem or some may be cooler?

    Which suppliers company has a cool color IPS panel for this laptop?

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