Only 5 volume steps for calls?

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Hi Asus, first of all congratulations for -finally- a compact phone with good specs and an audio jack, and let me raise (as different conversations) a few points that could benefit of some tuning.

Audio calls only have 5 steps for volume (while YouTube or any other audio application has many more). This means that it is very difficult to adjust the audio to the right volume, is either too low or too loud. Could we please have more steps for volume control during calls? Thanks



  • Hi @jrodriguez2018,

    Please refer to "Ideas for Next" section

  • Thanks Irene, however I see this as a defect, it essentially makes the phone unusable with headphones, volume is either to loud or too low. Audio for media has many more intermediate volume steps. In addition, I have another thread where volume with (wired) headphones fluctuates a lot - again essentially making it unusable for calls. This is a great phone but in this specific area (calling with headphones) there are currently a couple of important issues, it would be great if it could be fixed.

    Best regards.

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