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Hi everyone, I would like to know if it's normal that black images are not displayed as pixel turned off but as a very dark gray tint in 60hrz and 120hrz with brightness over 20%.

At 90hrz blacks are absolute at any brightness.

It still be an AMOLED screen so are pixels supposed to turning off?



  • That's what I was thinking!!! I'm having the same issue and was wondering how come the black pixels are not completely off... 🤔

  • I didn’t notice it right away either. Hopefully this can be fixed with an update. Or you will have to hand over the phone back to the store.

  • What would be an easy way to test it? Thanks!

  • Using the phone in 120 Hertz mode in a dark room (or 60 Hertz without DC dimming), also turn the brightness down fully with 90 Hertz, that also seems messed up. I'm currently usind 120 Hertz at daytime and 60 Hertz through the automatic durable system mode settings in the battery menu, that way I basically avoid all issues, although it needs to be invested regardless of course

  • Hey! My issue with the display got fixed with (I think) the latest update. Can anyone else confirm that my phone did not just magically get fixed?

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