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This is regarding the latest update on ROG 5. I have been facing issues where social media videos and stories take a lot of time to load as well as get stuck when I try to change the volume. My internet connection is not an issue at all. The videos and stories seem to load and get frozen after few seconds. Along with this, the notification is also creating and issue where sometimes it suddenly starts speaking the name of the sender even if notification sounds are switched off completely. These issues wern't there before. It only came with the latest system update on the phone.


  • Hi samirit.warlock,

    Can you try reinstalling the said apps after clearing the cache and storage?

    I am using the same phone haven't faced this.

    A factory reset may help in clearing this issue if the above doesn't work.

  • Hi. Thanks for replying. I have tried uninstalling and installing the apps again, it did not work. Just today only, I tried factory resetting the device for it to get fixed, but somehow the problem still persists. I somehow feel its a bug from the new update, because it was working completely fine before it. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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