Live streaming option missing from game genie

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I bought this phone so that I can live stream my games to my youtube channel.. Now i'm not able to find the live streaming option.. Same goes with scout mode.. Not visible.. Please help


  • pretty sure they never existed on the Rog5

  • absolutely, there is not, it is a major criticism that I make on Rog5, removing a function that is mainly used by gamers (which exists on ROG3) and not offering any exclusive gamer content.

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    There isn't such a feature on your model, I don't know if they will add this feature in a future update/phone. I think a simmilar feature was available on older ROG models.

  • Hi ghostofsparta890,

    The inbuilt live stream feature never existed on ASUS ROG Phone 5. You can use any 3rd Party App.

    Scout mode is currently available only on Call of Duty Mobile in India.

  • unlikely, they removed it because it was an unreliable mess. Google is terrible at updating their API's

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