ScreenPad Plus not working on my UX582

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  1. System: win 10
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: UX582LR
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Since I bought it
  5. Reset OS: yes
  6. Screenshot or video: www. dropbox. com /s/kbw3axgt4lkxc0i/20210814_102325.mp4?dl=0


Detailed description: Just bought it and the second screen is not working propriety, appears as a screen, the touch is connected with the bigger one, I already try to install the software but no success.

I already tried the tutorial on www. asus. com/support/FAQ/1044292/

First of all, my driver is the 27.20.... way updated than the one in the tutorial.

Second, I couldn't find Intel(R) Serial IO I2C driver or ASUS ScreenXpert Interface, or ScreenPad2 Optimizer, they simply do not appear for my machine, maybe I should choose another machine model?

Without them the ScreenXpress never opens, I have already reset the machine 3 or 4 times, to try different methods.

Is there a way to download a windows iso with everything already installed?

I really need the power of this machine to be able to render some 3D, but I can't keep it if is impossible to fix the second screen.

Just one more detail, the second screen acts as a drawing tablet, if I touch there I can move the mouse on the main screen, and as I said the ScreenXpress app is not loading even if I open it manually.

Thank you so much and I really hope someone can help me.

And sorry about the links this forum didn't allow me to post links...


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