Finding answers, starting discussions, and asking questions on ZenTalk Community!

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Find answers on search bar!

Just few steps for you to find answers on the main page of ZenTalk 2.0.
    1.  Type your question in the "Search for solutions" bar. 

    2.  Results that match your word or phrase will appear for reference.

Post a new discussion or question! 

If the answers provided cannot resolve your question, by following steps below, you may start new discussions or ask questions, in which definition of the former (discussion) is a general discussion with other fans while the latter (question) requests moderators’ support.
    1.  Select a category.

    2.  Click Ask a Question. (Or New Discussion, depending on which board you are browsing)

    3.  For a discussion, elaborate your viewpoint for the topic. For a question, include as much details as you have, such as software version, actions that cause the issue, and any troubleshooting you've already done. 

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