WW_30.11.51.103 VoLTE, VoWiFI not working on Deutsche Telekom HU

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After updating to the new update (8_WW_30.11.51.103) , the VoLTE and VoWiFi are not working at Deutsche Telekom (Hungary). It was good since the update, but the last update changed something. It appears and can be turned on/off in the menu, but nothing changes. Call voice quality is as bad as in June. I tried factory reset, but it didn't solve the problem.



  • VoLTE and VoWifi works for me with DT Hungary, do you tried with another VoLTE enabled sim card?

  • berada13berada13 Level 1
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    Thanks for the advice, I tried another SIM card (which was also capable of VoLTE), it didn't work. But after that, I put back my SIM card, and it worked. Thanks a lot, it solved the problem. :)

  • @berada13 Glad to know the suggestion from molnargreee worked in a roundabout way. 🙂

    Please let me know if this issue resurfaces in the future.

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