Autostart problems with some chat programs

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What else can I try to allow Slack, Skype and Signal to boot with a phone?

All three are enabled in Settings->Battery->Auto-start manager

All three have Battery optimization disabled

All three have Background app management disabled

None of them start with my phone. I have to manually start these apps and move them to background to start getting notifications. It's not a matter of dose mode. If apps are not run manually I don't get notifications even if I wake up the phone and do some other things.

Am I missing something?


  • Apparently I did miss something, I'm not sure what, though.

    I opened slack, went into Preferences->Advanced and hit Reset cache.

    I rebooted the phone and immediately got a Skype notification. Another two apps started working as expected as well.

    I noticed one difference in App info of all apps in question. Before cleaning Slack's cache `Background Restriction` option was gray out in apps battery settings. Surprisingly, it's available to edit now. Just as the background services weren't properly installed before.

    The only clue is, that all these apps were moved from my old phone and maybe some trash was carried over as well. Why cleaning Slack's cache influenced Skype and Signal? No idea, but it's fine now.

  • @jakislogin2 Glad that it's working now, even though I have to say that the solution puzzles me a bit. 😀

    I'll do some testing of my own next week and see if I can give you some additional information on why it worked.

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