Stylus Use on Touch Screen & Screen Pad

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Hi everyone,

Recenly, I'm using ASUS Zenbook Duo UX482 as my daily driver and having a concern about whether to use screen guard for main screen & Screen Pad+ or not, because I worry about scratches that could be found when I use stylus on the screen in frequent use.

I want to ask for everyone who use the screen guard or not, is there any significant differences between using it or not when you use the stylus on your screen frequently, especially when it could cause some scratches or not?

Also, some tips & trick, even some good recommendation about screen guard brand for it would be a great help.

Thanks in advance and stay safe everyone...


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    Yes the screen scratches very easily - mine is even scratched from the keyboard from when the Asus repairer replaced the motherboard. Same model, UX482EG

    I'm interested if you find a solution because I might get the same thing for my screen too


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