Replace Cracked Screen on Zenfone 8

yokumyokum Level 1
edited September 2021 in ZenFone 8

Dear All, I recently bought the New Zenfone 8 from AliExpress. All was  well until i dropped it !! grrr, However ASUS Customer service will not help me find a reputable company who will install a replacement screen in Thailand. I have offered to buy the new screen, but the answer is a simple no basically saying you should not of bought it from China !!! WHAT sort of answer and service is that from a Global Electricians company. I have very loyal customer of ASUS for over 10 years and now to be treated in this disgusting way is shambolic !! Can anyone suggest a positive solution !!  without sending it back to China !!  Also  the bundled case which is suppose to protect the phone is accidently dropped is a worthless piece of plastic  and wish I have bough a Rhino Shield case at Day 1 !! Thanks in advance for any help and advice

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