How to report bad language and behaviour?

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Is it possible to report bad language and behaviour on this forum,if so how????


  • I only find an "ignore" toggle.

  • @Roystoys You are welcome (and encouraged) to send me and the other moderators a PM any time you run into bad or unwanted behavior here on Zentalk.

    (Cleaned up the thread title for you.)

  • @Gustav_ASUS I do know that you from some different country.

    But if possible could you please provide feedback to higher official from global who looks after all countries business

    That in almost all countries Zenfone 8 is launched, India is the nly country which is still dreaming to see this smartphone.

    so, to launch it soon in this month is possible in India.

    I am really fed up with wait since 3 months now and also bit annoyed but being an ardent Asus user and fan I still want to stick and would like to buy my next smartphone which should be Zenfone 8.

    If anywhere I have spoken a bit rudely to you guys, I apologies but being a human sometimes these kind of behavior do take place

  • @abhineet150 For questions regarding availability and pricing in your area, please reach out to your local ASUS representative and/or follow ASUS India social channels for more news on the matter. And thanks for your patience so far. 🙂

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