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    The latest update made my phone useless piece of... The battery stats from 90% to 30%, the device barely passes one hour of indoor usage and the battery is gone.

  • I have the same from the beginning, that is already 2 months. my patience is over. Asus sees no problem, no reaction.

  • I would say it's an improvement on my end. Battery in dynamic mode. Good and consistent network coverage area.

    Still it's a bit worse than It was on OP8T, however it had a tad bigger battery. 4500mAh IIRC.

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 1

    Full day, 3 hours on screen and almost half of battery, i thing it's ok.

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    I think i's ok too.

    Could you please share your screens of battery settings including used power mode?

  • all time in one location and with wifi connection? 4G or 3G?

  • If anyone still did not have HD voice after update, try restarting phone once again. I did that and it seems to have done the trick, call quality is much better now. Finally phone is usable for it's main purpose after almost 3 months.

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    Had one unplanned reboot. Strange thing is that it looks like it happened when device was in stand-by (not in my hands).

    Had talk in WhatsApp with video switching from rear to main camera few times for about 10-15 minutes. Then after call clicked power button once to switch off display and then put phone to the table. After 5 minutes got phone call from one of my contacts and i saw phone number of that person instead of his name. When I switched on dispaly after call I noticed that phone asked me to enter my PIN for lockscreen for first time (no fingerprints possible). Then I realized that phone self-rebooted during that 5 minutes being on the table...

    How to get logs or something else if it happens next time?

    I had no random reboots/crashes on .83. Got it once yesterday on .103

    @Gustav_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 1

    Dynamic setting, adaptive battery enabled, ultra saving between 00:00 and 7:00, background apps managing enabled.

    Im not in one location, more like 2/3 of time with wifi in room, 1/3 outside with 4G.

  • I spend most of my time in rooms where the 4g range is not always available. Battery consumption under such conditions is enormous. Tomorrow I will do a test and share the hotspot from another smartphone. Then i will compare the consumption.

  • @daniel91m constant switching between different networks can definitely cause higher power consumption. You said 4g is not always available, so I take your phone switches between 3g and 4g?

  • Exactly. At work, I move on different floors of the building where the range of networks varies (but always available). Battery disappears immediately. Even when I am in one room where LTE signal about 3/4 full power and my screen is on the consumption is very high.

    Someone earlier on this forum wrote about this problem - the battery disappearing when walking outside, when the phone switches between the different antennas.

  • I think it was related with switching between wifi and cellular network. Temp fix was to toggle airplane mode.

  • in this case it doesn't work

  • After this update, the phone heats up very much even when browsing the internet, which was not the case before.

  • My phone heats up too. With 4g and location on and using maps or waze the phone was at 48°C. Too much for a phone i think.

  • This update greatly reduced background battery drain. Basically now with light use I can easily achieve 3 days without charging it. It was impossible before that.

    Also the phone is not randomly warming up while on standby. Before this update, often the phone was warm even if I haven't used it for hours.

  • Adjusting image brightness in night mode is gone with this update?

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    Today got strange phone behavior. Phone was near me, lying on the table. Then someone called me. I heard ringtone, but screen is off. I took phone in hands and pressed vol-up to mute call ringtone. Tried to switch on display by power button and display didn't switch on. Vibro is working, i tried (in blind) to push some buttons on screen and it gave some vibro haptics. I tried to push power button twice (it is set to flashlight/torch) - and nothing. Phone didn't turn on flashlight. Then I pressed continously power button and tap to right top corner (reboot) and then phone rebooted.

    Had no such behavior on .83 FW and earlier. Have no idea why it happened.

  • I have been using the device since may. From then til now the issues I have experienced: heating, ghost touches and battery life, seems to have improved alot. Particulary since last update.

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