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I am a firm believer in giving credit where it's due and I believe that it's payday for the zenfone 7 series Devs

After the last update it Seems that all the bugs have been addressed.

If I am incorrect please ignore this post.

Since the last update not only have my issues, and a thousand others, been addressed the Devs seems to have waved their magic wand over the battery.

So as the title suggests,if you agree, please let them know with a, thumbs up or something like that

Personally I take my hat Off to you, you have made my phone marvelous again and I thank you for that.



  • eddddedddd Level 2

    I noticed the same. Good work, Devs!

  • CVonCCVonC Level 2

    I'm not 100% confident the notifications are fixed for all apps. I've still gotten notifications from FB/WhatsApp just as soon as I've woken up the phone instead of when they're supposed to have come. Hmm

  • @CVonC 100 % sure you don't have any battery saving functions or settings (super clean mode, restrict background sync etc) active that might cause this behavior?

  • CVonCCVonC Level 2

    I've never changed from default settings:

    Balanced battery mode

    Adaptive Battery enabled

    Detect battery-draining apps enabled

    Hibernate apps enabled

    OptiFlex enabled (Speed up enabled, Auto select based on app usage enabled)

  • I'm not sure but if you have, hibernate apps enabled and detect battery draining apps enabled that may be why , but again I am only having a stab in the dark

  • For me battery Is trash compared to other 865 phones and there Is a very urgent bug to be fixed... GPS. The phone updates gps location every 500 meters or so, and i have to use my GF's cheap OP2 nord.

    It's a shame this phone has to be trashed by almost everything Just because of the lackluster software and the community Is supporting this, i have never ever seen this levels of fanboysm anywhere, not Even on Apple community

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    Have you considered that your phone has a problems,,? I am in my 60,s and have had more phones than you can shake a stick at so don't call me a ,,fanboy,,or accuse me of,,fanboysm,, you dipstick mainly because you obviously don't have a clue . I have no problem with the battery or GPS and I don't believe anyone else has ,. If they have no one has posted about it unless I missed the posts . I'm sure you have a another negative post to add , maybe you have a bone to pick but don't wast your time. I am going to block you because I don't need idiots like you bringing me down, especially from a d#$&he$& like you

    PS for people that can read, let me clarify,,,if you agree please let the Devs know With a simple message or a thumbs up,or something,if you don't START YOUR OWN POST, it's free no charge$$$_

  • I haven't Even mentioned you once, otherwise i'd have called you, don't you think?

    You think nobody else has problems, but there are in fact people complaining and the phone Is measurably underperforming compared to other 5k mah 865 phones, you can check this everywhere.

    My phone has no issues, i've bought 2 different zf7 units

  • @Synoxia @Roystoys Remember to keep a friendly tone here on Zentalk at all times, especially when you disagree about something.

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