DC dimming causes a bad/stuck subpixel to show up

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Hi, weird issue. When I enable dc dimming (and 60hz) I can see a stuck subpixel that glows green, at least I assume it is a bad/stuck one as it doesn't show on screenshots. Disabling DC dimming gets rid of this issue and the region where the green subpixel was is perfectly fine.

Here's a video, unfortunately this is quite hard to capture using some old redmi note I had on hand. Is this fixable with an update (some issue with dc dimming config) or is it an issue with my screen in particular?


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    Checked your video. It doesn't happen on my screen. But then again I don't get any green tint like others experience with their screens.

    See https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/51465/green-screen-tint-issue

  • It looks like a screen pixel issue, it may resolve by itself over time.

    On my new OLED TV I can see a similar issue with a white sub-pixel that stayed lit on gray and dark images (most OLED TVs have 4 sub-pixels, RGB and white), only when Black Frame Insertion was enabled.

    It resolved by itself after a few days, but in the end I had to disable this feature as it makes me have headaches (this can happen to some users as it flashes the screen very fast, even if unnoticeable to the eye).

    If it only happens in this mode, do you really need this mode ? This mode don't work if the screen is set to 90 Hz, so you can still force 90 Hz if 60 isn't clear enough without this mode.

  • Yeah I just noticed it and reported here. I use 90hz mode most of the time so it doesn't really bother me. Just wanted to see if anyone has a similar issue or if Asus changed something in the FW since I don't recall this happening earlier. But yeah the screen might've developed it on its own over time, fortunately only happens on dc dimming so far.

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