Battery lasting longer after last update

RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
edited September 2021 in ZenFone 7 Series

I am not sure if it's just me but since the last update my battery seems to last longer, like noticeably. Has anyone else noticed???


  • I have a similar feeling

  • @Roystoys If you feel like it, make some measurements and take a couple of screenshots of your battery page while you're at it. Might come in handy should you ever feel that future updates have a negative impact on battery performance and you/we need something more than "feels like" to compare with. 🙂


  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
    edited August 2021

    Ok cool will do. I hope that they don't do anything else to the battery because it's just perfect at the moment . I am consistently getting 2 days plus out of a single charge and 3 days on weekends when I am not using it as much

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