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Dear Asus team,

When can we, users, expect your estimation of ideas?

You wrote there will be statuses. But I can't see any changes of statuses.

For how long topic should be in some status before it will be reviewed or somehow considered/noticed by Asus team?

Maybe you can start checking ideas registered in May?

🔔 What is the meaning of idea status?

  •   Active: Waiting for your upvote/downvote
  •   Already Offered: The feature exists
  •   Declined: Not accepted
  •   Completed: The idea is completed
  •   In process: The idea is in process
  •   In review: We are reviewing the idea

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  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    Maybe they'll do this when a new version of Zen ui drops

    Asus ui upgrades come with new Zen ui version mostly

  • I don't think so. Why - ZF8 and ZF7 has the same UI. ZF8 has normal always on mode, while ZF7 has just stupid clock.

  • Zenfone 8 runs on Zen ui 8 (based on android 11)

    Zenfone 7 runs on Zen ui 7 (based on android 11)

    Zenfone 7 series will get new Zen ui 8 features with android 12 upgrade on top of core android 12 features

  • aha, fine.

    so, that means even if any idea from this forum will ever be implemented, there is no chance for me to see it on my ZF7 pro, because A12 will be the last update for ZF7 and highly likely it will bring just current features from Zen UI 8.

    This is perfect, now I understand lack of activity here. 🤣

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
    edited August 2021

    Well that's how it has worked upto now

    The newest Zenfone comes with the latest version of Zen ui and newest features (Asus even incorporates some features from the next unreleased android version here)

    And the last year's model gets the new Zen ui update with it's 2nd major os upgrade

    Lemme cite an example

    Zenfone 7 came with Zen ui 7 (android 10) out of the box then got android 11 based on Zen ui 7, meanwhile Zenfone 8 launched with Zen ui 8 based on A11

    So basically so far the 2nd os version brings the Zen ui features/changes for a Zenfone, first os upgrade is the same Zen ui version the phone launched with just the new android design implementation and maybe some slight changes to ui (major changes with new Zen ui version)

    That's something I've observed uptil now (Zenfone 5z,6 and now 7)

    So it's likely Asus will follow this trend

    Anyways Zenfone 7 and 6 (both on Zen ui 7) did get the new one hand mode and qr scanner feature from Zenfone 8's new Zen ui version so it's likely they can backport some features

    (They even tune the camera sometimes like they did with Zenfone 7 (skin smoothning) and Zenfone 6 to HDR++ and low light mode)

  • Thank you for your response.

    Personally I prefer old version of one hand mode, but who cares.

  • Np :)

    And yeah I've seen people who prefer the old one hand mode implementation the new one is most likely for easy access to the statue bar/qs panel (but another fact is many didn't even use the older one this might be easier to trigger and use)

    But again Google is going to implement the same design in android 12 and Asus closely followed Google's design mostly so that's it

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