Suggestion: Add Option Relating To Volume Buttons and Screen (Off)

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Essentially, although this suggestion has already been asked as a part of a separate discussion, I might as well make a dedicated one in which, it would be great if, for the next security patch for the Zenfone 8, it would be possible to have the option for the volume buttons to work while the screen is off. If some people don't like their volume buttons being on while the screen is off, then they could change it in settings, and vice versa (as mentioned before), if that makes any sense?

Edit: If this were to be implemented, please don't make it so that the screen turns on when changing the volume (only for it to turn off after a few seconds) as that would invalidate the purpose of this.


  • Hi @mathgeekx999,

    In response to your issue, you can use the volume buttons when the screen is off.

    You need to press the buttons repeatedly to lower or increase the volume instead of just holding it press.

  • That does not seem to work/I've tried it several times, pressing the volume buttons, holding the volume buttons, etc., yet, that does not work. Thank you though, unless, there is a setting or such that I do not know of.

  • Hi @mathgeekx999,

    1. Which app are we talking about?
    2. Do you have any ear phones connected to your phone?

    Please try putting the volume slider to max, start playing music, turn off the screen and then repeatedly start pressing volume down (15-20 times). Is the volume not going down at all?

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    Ello @Irene2_ASUS (didn't realize you could @ someone until you did it),

    1. Not sure what you mean, though, I was referring to if I had missed a setting.
    2. Yes and no/tested it both ways in terms of not having ear phones connects (and having them connected), while also turning the volume at max (while lowering it while the screen is off), and vice versa (increasing the volume when it's set to 0).
  • @mathgeekx999 Spotify, Youtube, etc. Which app(s) are you trying to control the volume of when the screen is turned off?

    Every app I've tried so far works the way Irene2 describes. You can't hold the volume key down to change volume, but you can do it in steps of one by repeatedly pressing it.

    if you can, please record a video with a secondary device showing that you can't change the volume while the screen is off.

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    @Gustav_ASUS , just to clarify before proceeding, I'm going to show an app you mentioned (so as to have a common ground in a sense), in which, you would need Youtube Premium in order to hear the audio while the screen is off, would that be the same thing for Spotify (I don't have Spotify at the moment)? If it's the same as Youtube, then, any other apps that work for you (while the audio is able to work, while the screen is off)?

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