[Feature request] Face Recognition - Add option to 'Swipe to enter Home Screen'

dsg38dsg38 Level 1
edited September 2021 in ZenFone 8

Hello. The face unlock is working well. But I was hoping an additional setting could be added. Currently, I often want to use the lock screen audio controls for example. However, the face unlock is so fast that it unlocks just as I go to press a button. Then I have to swipe down from the home screen to get my audio controls back. This is especially annoying when I'm on a run.

Activating the 'Face recognition - Show notifications' setting solves this, but then it means I can't glance at my phone when it's on my desk to see notifications (i.e. I want my notifications to be visible on the lock screen).

So could you add a setting which nuances this a bit called e.g. 'Face Recognition - Swipe up to enter Home screen'?

Thanks in advance!



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