now too much time is taken by developers now please reply about Android 10 stable update

Hello Dear Developer Team, Kindly give us proper information regarding Android 10 Stable Update on Asus Max M1 Device because now you all have more than 8 months from Dec 2020 to Aug 2021 so please let us know about Android 10 Stable Update Please give proper information about Asus Max Pro M1 device, we are facing lot of bug still you are not responding ,you are not listening to our feedback and suggestion and regarding android 10 stable update also not revealing any information .... why, we need answer so please reply us, if you are working then say something about android 10 stable update, if you all work for this device If not, then give us a clear answer on this topic because we don't have much free time to come on this forum and argue with your team...

 So please give us proper information about Android 10 stable update on Asus Max Pro M1 device...!!


  • @Christine_ASUS @fussion_ASUS

    Please inform about Stable Update. Are you working or not. Please clearly inform anything. Hereafter no one will buy your new mobile if you do like this.

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