Suggestions for the navigation gestures

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Hi all, I'm trying to reach a lot of people with my post as I believe I have a good suggestion. I'm suggesting an option to customize the navigation gesture, like adding an option to swipe up from either the bottom left or right to go back, instead of swiping from left to right side of the screen as it can be accidentally activated sometimes when browsing some apps, ie.

Instagram, Reddit, etc. It can also be useful when wanting to close the keyboard without extending our thumb, or even trying to find the down arrow on the bottom left of the screen for a quick back gesture, and also since it can be on the bottom right.

I'm also suggesting to add a customization like making the slide up "go home" navigation gesture to remain on the bottom of the vertical phone design when on landscape mode, because it's easier to avoid activating that feature for some apps, especially non-gaming apps, since gaming apps can use navigation blocking.

A force close when sliding the bottom middle of the screen would also be a great addition, because it's a feature that can be very useful. I hope other users will like my ideas, so we can reach the team behind the software. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read, and considering my idea.


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