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Hi, I use an ASUS ROG Phone 5, and I have what I think is a very good suggestion/request/idea for the ASUS phones' interface. Please add a feature in the settings to customize the navigation gesture.

I like the idea of sliding to navigate, but sliding the left, or right side of the screen to go back isn't for me. I prefer sliding up on either left, or right side at the bottom to go back, because the ROG Phone 5 is a big phone.

Another problem that I'm also facing with the current navigation gesture is that I accidentally go back when I'm browsing an app/site that uses scroll left, or right feature, ie. Instagram, or spotify (viewing top mixes, or recently played).

Another thing that would be great to add in the future is the "force close feature" when sliding up on the bottom middle of the screen. It's one great feature that's mission in the settings options, because it's very convenient for smartphone users.

One last thing is to just make the go home navigation when on landscape mode to just be on the side of the screen. It's actually very useful for games, and non-games (like VLC)

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