Why you should upgrade to A11 ASAP.

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I posted this on my discord and feel like it should be known everywhere.

The most important note tho, upgrade to Android 11 as soon as possible. ASUS has not been very good at updating the A10 kernel drivers and such due to the work they did on A11, due to this decision, there are some SERIOUS SECURITY FLAWS in the A10 kernel provided by Asus, which is the base of my A10 kernel as well. The SD 865 chipset is known to have 21 security vulnerabilities, of which I believe over half are fixed in the A10 kernel & ROM, that being said, I know for a fact that 2 very serious security flaws are NOT FIXED with the A10 kernel & ROM, these being:

- CVE-2020-11225

- CVE-2020-11167

As you may have heard there was a security flaw which has made it on the news back in late 2020, which prompted Qualcomm do to more digging finding potential vulnerabilities on their own. The vulnerability that made the news scored roughly 7/10 points and was considered very serious, however these 2 listed are 10/10 security risk which are easy to pull of even for an attacker that has little knowledge and it gives the attacker access to your entire system. Your entire security will be compromised and the attacker can steal everything, not just some login, but all you have on the phone, be it your logins, bank details, identity, where you are moving and living and even use your phone as a bitcoin miner without you ever knowing.

A11 being simply a way more polished and clean OS especially on the Rog3 is just a bonus, however the security concerns absolutely are reason enough to upgrade to A11 as soon as possible as these vulnerabilities can potentially ruin your lives. So please do not base your decision to stay on A10 just because of my A10 kernel, as it's simply not worth it given the massive security problems.

So before staying on A10 because you think it will work better and so on, think of the security problems you are facing.


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