SSD power drain in s3 sleep on my ZenBook Flip (UX463FL)

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  1. System: windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: battery
  3. Model: UX463FL
  4. Frequency of occurrence: always
  5. Reset OS: did not try
  6. Screenshot or video:

Detailed description:

Since i passionately hate s0 sleep (because the system runs something it wants to while sleeping, which is pretty much the opposite of what i would like it to do, and doesn't let me customize anything), i have disabled it with a refind hack that edits acpi table (not that i understand it all well, but it worked). The computer now sleeps in s3. But it seems to fail to turn off the ssd, which consumes quite a bit of power, causing the battery to reliably drain to zero in about 30 hours. It is tolerable, but annoying. Is there anything i can do to fix it, without switching back to s0? In s0, the ssd does power off after a while.

bios version is 305.


  • Hi there,

    How about letting you device go to Hibernate mode instead of Standby or Sleep mode if you are leaving it for a long time?

    Thank you.

  • That's a workaround, and i do use it. But that requires either a conscious effort to predict for how long i'm leaving the laptop, or an auto-hibernation timer. Frequent use of hibernation makes me concerned about ssd wear. I could not find write endurance spec for my ssd (1tb samsung evo mzvlb1t0), so i don't know how much of a problem it is really....

    I would prefer fixing the power draw. If it were memory consuming the juice, i would say "okay, it is what it is, just live with it", but ssd does not need to consume power when sleeping, so i want a solution.

  • Hi there,

    If you put the device in Standby or Sleep mode, your SSD would still be working.

    So is many other function, that's why you are able to resume/wake up from sleep mode very quickly.

    And that brings power consumption as well.

    You are able to set the hibernation and hard disk power(might not be there for every model) in your power options.

    Thank you.

  • I don't have any problem sacrificing another half-second for ssd power-up/power-down, in favor of battery life.

    Power plan setting is already set to the smallest value possible (1 minute) and it has no effect whatsoever on the sleep, it just remains on forever. I assumed these settings affect dynamic power-down anyway, that is, when the pc is not sleeping, just not using the drives.

  • Hi there,

    I would suggest you to set the device to go to hibernate after leaving the device for a while.

    If you have any other concern or inquiry, please share with us.

    Thank you.

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