Battery Notification LED Option and Sound Settings

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These are 2 simple quality of life upgrades that would be huge for the ROG Phone 5...

  1. I have battery charging capped at 80%. Why doesn't the Notification LED turn to green? Technically it's finished right? On every other phone people are used to see that green light before disconnecting the charger but the rog phone is connected unnecessarily long cause i don't notice when it's full...
  2. What i really miss from my old Samsung Phone was the Sound Assistant. I could open apps like Youtube and Twitch and listen to both at the same time and even independently change their volume settings.

Please add these 2 options it would be amazing.


  • Youtube seems to automatically replay videos that i paused after like 5 seconds does anyone else have that as well?

  • Yess i do agree with you

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