Sound quality in Android 11, need to improve?

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Hi all. In the end I installed android 11 manually since the OTA did not reach me. After testing it well, I have noticed that the audio from the speakers has decreased in quality compared to A10. The basses distort a lot, you don't feel that "boom" effect with the quality of A10, the volume is lower (possibly caused by distortion of the basses), and the quality in general is not as before. Not that it sounds bad, but with the A10 the sound quality was much better. Have you noticed? hope they can resolve this in future updates.


  • Sounds like borked update. Sound hasnt changed for me at all.

  • Well, now with A11, listening to the same songs that I have on the phone, the bass eats up the sound, causing it to saturate and distort. That didn't happen to me before. I think an optimization of the sound and the audio assistant is necessary.

  • I have brought this point to the devs as well, however I have been notified that they cannot touch anything due to licensing issues. The sound has not changed, they havent touched a line of code in terms of the audio drivers or application, so you have a placebo effect if anything.

  • For me and on Android 10, some songs sounded worse, as if the bass was choking, worse than on ROG 1(

  • That happens to me now with A11. The same music, in A10 perfect, with A11 the bass drowns everything out and distorts a lot at mid-high volume. One of the things I liked the most about this phone was the audio, but now I have to say that it has dropped a lot in quality with the new update, at least in my case.

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