Very low wifi download speed

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:rog 5
  2. Firmware Version: .86
  3. Rooted or not:non
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Rog 5 and ipad both connected to same wifi and pinging the same server, mobile data off and trying the speed test for 30 times , rog 5 always has minimal download speed . Please check the screen shots attached

Now the ipad screen shots


  • Same happen with me

    They should fix this ASAP

  • Hello

    My Rog 5 is 16/256 WW18.0840.2106.86 the installation is in French.

    I specify the language because our games and smartphones forums report very few problems for this model, just sound volume, loss of battery life, loss of brightness (almost black screen) in games if the brightness is in automatic in game genius. (even in the sun, holding the rog vertically, without hiding the sensor). it's ok for non-game apps.

    It is not uncommon for bugs in one language to be absent or different in another, but often English is the most reliable.

    The last point (loss of FPS for 144 games we go to 120) after a game time seems to be the return to the default settings of the phone when these are in automatic. if we set 144 everywhere it seems to work. To be confirmed because it could be the temperature and / or the CPU Governor but it takes a long time to test especially as our ambient temperature has gone from + 30 ° to 17 ° as if we were in November :(

    Regarding Wifi, I did several tests and everything is normal.

    with bluetooth deactivated and activated

    The speeds in Wifi 2.4, in 5G (normal because the operator is bad) and in 5G, in video it is also normal.

    Check in which 2.4 or 5 GHz band is your wifi and test with the disabled Bluetooh of the rog 5 but also of other nearby devices, conflicts are not rare in 2.4 GHz especially if the BT does not have AFH.

    You can try

    Changing router’s WiFi channel

    Changing routers WiFi Channel Width

    Changing WiFi's frequency to 5GHz

    If you cannot change and set a channel to restart the wifi router, it should select the channel with the least interference.

    If this is due to interference, the difference in the power of the wifi module which is very low may explain the difference between your devices but of course a problem with your physical device or the configuration cannot be ruled out but the above tests should progress the diagnosis.

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    Thanks for going through the trouble , but both devices are connected to 5 ghz band and I have tried doing the tests with only the device in use connected to the wifi and other device disconnected.

  • Hi krnapj,

    There could be a variety of reasons here.

    I have tested on iPad 6th gen and ROG Phone 5 as well

    3 test - All tests are in the same range of 8mbps - 11mbps download speed

    Can you try changing the channel, using a different Wifi. The difference for you as I see in 200mbps

    You can use a spare phone to create a hotspot and test it out.

  • The speed on 2.4 ghz channel is appropriate, problem is with the 5ghz channel.

    I have tested it on other phones iphone XR , samsung note 10 pro, redmi note 8 all have appropriate wifi download speed , only rog 5 has very low download speed on 5ghz channel.As you can see in the screen shots , the upload speed is fine.

    All the troubleshooting from my ISP has been done , even replaced the wifi modem.

    How can I make hotspot of a wifi network from a spare phone ? I am not concerned with the carrier speed , I rarely use it , although I will test it later on .but this low wifi download speed is a major issue , I cannot even watch YouTube videos in HD on this rog 5.

    The speed test starts fine for a second n then there is rapid drop in speed.

    Maybe you should try the test on a higher speed wifi ,possibly optical fibre.because the problem is real n consistent. I keep on testing it whole day ,and never the speed on this rog 5 comes near to speed on other devices on 5ghz channel.

  • Hello,

    - You tried to test with different servers

    - You have verified that there is no bandwidth limitation configured on your wifi router

    - You can also try IP v6 deactivation on your Wifi router

    If this does not bother you, indicate the name and model of your wifi router, if there is an incompatibility or not with mobile phones this will help to confirm the problem or to troubleshoot it.

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    It's nokia G-140W-F, I don't know how to deactivate ipv6 , there is this option I can find in router settings ( in the ss) but it is blocked .

    Anyhow , if number of other devices can squeeze out more than 200 Mbps out of this router at the same settings , rog should also be able to do that .

    @Danishblunt any idea from your side , why this is happening ?

  • Speed on dual band

    Speed on only 5 ghz

    Speed on 2.4 ghz

    Can this problem be resolved ? Or is it a hardware issue ?

  • Same happen to me

    This problem since the first time I bought this phone

    They need to fix this ASAP

  • @krnapj

    IP v6 is already disabled

    Unfortunately this Nokia router is AIRTEL specific and important configuration points can only be done by AIRTEL, such as bridge mode or the firmware update.

    I am not sure that the dual 2.4 and 5 GHz mode is possible on this router to use both frequencies simultaneously to increase the speed but rather 2.4 for devices that do not accept the 5 GHz frequency and 5 GHz for more devices recent.

    There is a competent community on broadbanforum, you should submit your issue here

    I can't submit a full link yet, you add https: // by removing the spaces


  • Do you know which router they give with 1 Gbps plan ?

    N check your personal messages

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