Australian VoLTE Update from ASUS!

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I've been in a long email chain with ASUS Australia Customer Support about when we can expect VoLTE support for Telstra/Vodafone/Optus in Australia.

Half a dozen back and forth responses later they came back with an actual confirmation they are working on it:

"Thank you for your patience and please see the feedback below from our Global Support Team in regards to the VoLTE support as requested.

• At the moment, VoLTE is not enabled for Australia

• Planned test in Q4 2021

• No ETA

• Check back for update."

So hopefully we will get some news by the end of the year or January next year regarding VoLTE support being added via firmware update. At least they have a scheduled test for certification stuff.


  • Ahh that's good to hear but I definitely won't be using this phone by then, small OEMs like Asus are getting pushed out, glad Android 11 is finally here but the after sale support had be atrocious. Pixel, Samsung and iPhones are the future with volte support and consistent monthly/bi monthly updates given to users from day 1, no point straying away from the big 3 like in we've all been able to in the past, they just don't cut it anymore.

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