System modes in Zenfone 8

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Hi all. I use phone one month and try to understand how works system modes in ZF8. So I used phone with different system modes and observe that the most stabile system mode is dynamic. As I understand from my time of usage, power saving mode not reduce the frequency of SD888. The same in advanced mode when we move slides on the left for low performance. I mean I do not receive extra time for work. As I know in Huawei phones in Power saving mode frequency of processor and videocard are reduce and phone have real extra time for work. Based on this I there was a thought. What of from advanced mode remove all slides and add one where we can choose from 3 variants:

* All variants added as a sample for your understanding of idea.

1) Low performance like with Snapdragon 660(frequencies for processor and videocard are changed)

2)Medium performance like with Snapdragon 765G(frequencies for processor and videocard are changed)

3)High performance like with Snapdragon 855(frequencies for processor and videocard are changed). Why I do not add here SD 888? We have Performance mode for this.

I understand that this is not so easy and I want to hear an opinion from regular users and ASUS developers. But if this can be realised we will have the phone with 4 different processors in 1.

What you are thinking about this?



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