Asus rog 3 refresh rate issue

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I request you to add 30 Hz refresh rate option for older games like gta vice city etc.....

I think this is a gaming phone most of the people will buy this phone for high end to low end gaming any way this is a gaming phone so I hope all games will run perfectly in this phone but old game are not running perfectly

Asus I request you to optimize the Asus rog phone 3 high-end to low-end gaming



  • Sadly this isnt exacly a reasonable request. I suggest instead that you write to rockstar games that they have to add a frame limiter that limits to 30fps.

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    I don't have Vice City on Android, but I do have GTA 3. I just tested that, and couldn't find any issues with it. With the frame limiter enabled in the options, that hard locks the game to 30 fps.

    Looking at your previous thread (I don't know why you're creating a second thread for the same issue...), Vice City also has a frame limiter option. If that's enabled and locking the game to 30 fps (if you're not sure, enable the real time stats widget from Game Genie) and you're still having issues, then that would be up to Rockstar to fix.

    A lot of games are developed with animations and such locked to a specific framerate in mind, which is why running them at a higher fps than intended runs into issues (like emulating older DOS games on PC, for example).

    One notable example I can think of is the PC port of Tales of Symphonia. The GameCube original ran at 30 fps, and Bandai Namco didn't want to put in the effort to increase it to 60 fps, so it was left as is. While a fanmade patch was eventually released, it wasn't as simple as unlocking the framerate as that broke animations and such.

    I can't test Vice City (and I don't feel like paying 5 bucks to do so) but if the Android port of it isn't as good as the GTA 3 port, then that's on Rockstar to fix.

  • Games that ties physics to FPS don't exist anymore, only old games from early 2000s suffer from this. Such as vice city and tales of symphonia. It's easier said than done to implement something that makes physics behave like on half the FPS. Even GTA 4 which is the latest game known to me that ties physics and animations to FPS took years and years to get modded so it's acceptable on 60fps, note how I mentioned acceptable, it's still far from perfect.

  • I also contacted rockstar games support they did nothing i sended mail,raised a ticket,and i also posted screenshots in grove street games facebook page they did nothing they are all eating our money and sleeping like pigs they did nothing use less support from rockstar games

  • This is normal tho, vanilla GTA 4 is literally unplayable on windows 10 with a new PC. You HAVE to mod the game in order to even get it running. That being said, adding a frame limiter to 30fps instead of 60 shouldnt be to hard for rockstar games. Maybe you can look for 3rd party tools that could somehow halve the FPS.

  • Can you please suggest me any 3 party tool that can fix the fps problem

  • You must send request to rockstar not to asus

    They the one who can fix it

  • I think device performance is reduced to low automatically game works properly device performance is high game not works properly so I want to reduce device performance to low

  • Hi jayanthbhatta,

    I think the above explanation should suffice the overall explanation. Adding a 30hz refresh rate won't be doable. You can raise a request under Ideas for next for game optimization. Old games may have many limitations which mostly can be done from the developer side and are not a phone-specific issues.

  • They have already major problems than give attention to your useless request... if you play a 30 fps game with 60 Hz nothing will happen, what should be the issue?

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