Unlock with finger print. Asus ROG phone 5

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After last FW update on my ROG phone 5 29.07.2021 phone unlock by finger print sensor possible only after power button short push. Does it something can be configurated by myself (sensor activation just by place finger on dedicated place)?

Many thanks in advance!


  • Having the same issue before when I placed my finger on the scanner screen would wake and unlock now i have to press a button or double tap to wake up the device first, then only the scanner would scan otherwise it just doesn't scan the finger. This wasn't the case in the previous version

  • Can anyone help with this

  • I dont know why this thread is marked as answered. Its not answered.

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    get used to it, asus answers only easy questions, they don't care about other, more complex questions, they ignore them, we are fools who bought their devices, and are not worthy of attention.

    money went to pay bloggers to advertise devices

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    You setting it from fingerprint setting

    It has option for it

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    Ofcorse it was already setup before the update. It was working, it would just not work if the screen was off.

    Fixed it, you just have to turn off and turn on again the Unlock device using fingerprint option.

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    Good to hear that

    Now I hope they will increase it's reading speed

  • My finger print did not work at all after the update.

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