Phone completely unusable [ZF 7 pro]

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I feel like this is a problem with the latest update but probably not only.

NFC never really worked reliably so I gave up on that and just keep my card in my case.

But especially after the latest update the phone keeps extremely overheating, hanging to be COMPLETELY unresponsive including power button, usually ending up in me doing a hard reboot (and I know it is an OS level issue because the phone is responsive on other interfaces including hotspot. also if I happen to be in a zoom call I can still continue the call but without screen/touchscreen or even volume control), rebooting randomly for no apparent reason.

This is supposed to be a top tier flagship and my user experience lately has been as if I bought the cheapest xiaomi phone available. Not to mention the lack of mmwave and fake 5g advertising. Lack of dual standby is also extremely cheap on your part.

Fix your kernel and cpu governance (and schedutil deffo aint it chief), fix IO, fix your OS (including bugged bundled apps such as non-disablable asus home). Add some protection for overheating cause it is something that the user needs to monitor cause you never bothered. If every custom ROM developer on the planet can handle doing those things for free how can you be unable to bother for over a year?

There are countless other bugs / annoyances but nothing compared to this. I came to terms with the fact that I chose the wrong brand but I just want to be able to use my phone at all.

This is completely unprofessional and the updates are non-existent. Just bumping security patch level from google and calling it a day.

Since benchmarks show my device at lowest 1% of other ZF7Pro I will probably be returning it under warranty, but still other problems remain. (geekbench I dont even know cause the phone rebooted halfway thru the bench)


  • Hi,

    i understand that you are disappointed. The only thing that I can recommend you, is to apply a factory reset and go back to the last stable update, or to get back Android 10.

    I REALLY recommend you to stay at an update, which is stable enough for you, and to stay there, independent from the company (Samsung, Xiaomi..., Windows). Software Development is much harder, than the most people think. Small changes can cause huge changes, which should be detected.

    Never change a running system.

  • If all the companies will do what you say then there should be no further system updates...(including android level). As a software developer I can say you are wrong. Updates are necessary, but them should also have as little as possible bugs....

    On the other hand regressions should be nonexistent(otherwise the test team did a poorly job).

    So I like to have the latest OS update but when I log a bug I also like to get a fix as as possible .... For the notification bug there is no fix for more than 2 months....Security updates are also lacking....some regression I see with the camera apk, I also notice overheating now and the latest updates ruined the is worst than it was on A10....

  • Yes you are right, that software updates are important (security Level etc.). If the companys dont make updates, we would stay forever on the same point. But I have used so many different smartphones, from different vendors, and have experienced that each update caused new problems. (Same on Windows: I have experienced so many updates which made my laptop unuseable). Therefore i stopped to make updates, even if it causes security issues. But I can understand that you want your smartphone on the newest level.

    The testing procedure really needs improvement, from my point of view. I dont have this update on mine ZF, but if the smartphone really gets hot in normal conditions, at least the testing team should be able to detect it. In the company I work for, we use at least 50% of our time testing before we even consider to release a firmware update for our microcontrollers. Even then the software is tested again by another team. Testing/verification/vaildation is much more important than unstable features which destroy the whole update.

    On A10 my smartphone runs good enough for me. I have some issues (like slow charging not working) but as you say A11 is much worse.

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    Strange. I had the same problems with zenfone 2, but almost everyone have them, because of shitty intel CPUs. ZF7 pro works fine for me, also I haven't seen users with so much problems on local forum 4pda.

  • Take the phone back it's obviously broken as no else seems to have your issues

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