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  • I received the FOTA yesterday and based on the past 12 hours or so with Android 11, the only issue i noticed so far is the Bluetooth won't auto-connect to my car like before. On Android 10, once i turn my phone's Bluetooth on, it will auto-connect but now i have to manually connect it. Am using a Volkswagen that has Bluetooth built in, meaning i didn't use any Bluetooth accessory, dongle or whatsoever. No issues with the Kunai 3 Gamepad though, it auto-connects without a hitch

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    If you have connected to your car wifi in past , than forget it and pain again , this most probably fix your issue

  • What happened to the bluetooth codecs after the A11 update? There's only SBC and AAC to choose between.

  • Can no longer screen cast to my smart TV. That's the only issue I'm having so far.

  • Yeah that was actually the first thing i did and it still didn't auto-connect. But when i repeated the process again randomly today, it can now connect automatically again. Very strange but i will continue to monitor in case it stops auto-connecting again

  • Screen casting works fine for me, am using an Android TV

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    That's great! Sadly it doesn't work for me and my smart TV. Just shows a bunch of letters and numbers instead of my phones name when I try to connect, before disconnecting. Worked fine the day before I got the update.

  • My front camera stops working after A11 update, anyone having the same issue?

  • try to do a clean install front camera should work fine

  • That numbers are mac address , just restart the tv and mobile and try again , if that doesn't work than reset just network settings and if that also doesn't work than let us know

  • I restarted the tv/mobile and restarted the network. It still says the same thing... I'm so confused...

  • Try resetting network setting of mobile device or trying forgetting wifi and reconnecting in TV

  • Considering the update is near mandatory, since it automatically installed upon restarting phone, I would assume it to be completely bugfree. It isn't, and the 2 biggest problems I've had are game performance and the speakers.

    Genshin Impact runs a little worse, Honkai Impact 3rd runs a lot worse overall. At certain points, it becomes near unplayable. On Android 10, Honkai Impact 3rd didn't drop frames at all.

    But the issue with the speakers is FAR worse and quite frankly unacceptable for a mandatory update. After the update, the sound balance is completely off and it sounds a lot more hollow and harsh. In most cases it's "not too bad" (but still much worse). However, in Genshin Impact, it's unbearable and I have to play with sound off or very low since it actually hurts my ears.

    Before the update, the sound from the speakers was very pleasant, warm and full. But now it's just really bad.

    On Android 10, this sound issue could also occur, but only if you were using the screenrecorder, and recording internal audio. For some reason, when the phone went into 'record mode', the sound would turn very hollow and harsh. But it would become fine again after exiting record mode. Now on Android 11, that harsh sound balance seems to have become the 'default' across the entire system.

    The keyboard haptic feedback change was also not necessary and now feels too strong. On Android 10, it was just right. Disabling three-finger screenshots by default in games was also a random unnecessary change, and the option to turn it back on is too buried in settings.

    Those are my first impressions of the update - not good.

  • @Saifuddin ah it happened again. I suspect that it will auto-connect whenever the car starts and when my phone's Bluetooth is already on. Nothing serious though, just need to push additional buttons on my radio

  • Well , speakers are untouched and performance is greatly increased not by actual performance but they managed to optimise frame times which makes the device way smoother than A10 , about genshin impact its the games optimization fault and not the device fault and i dont play honkai impact so no comments there

    About screen recording , i never use that too so idk about that too but its hard to believe that they impact on quality of speakers

    About typing haptics , I personally like that and you can always reduce the feedback sensitivity in settings

    The last slider will reduce sensitivity of whole system haptics including keyboard

    And last one about disabling three finger screenshot as default and finding it buried inside the settings is the most unnecessary thing and i agree with you , atleast they have to give that option inside game genie so we can enable-disable everytime with one click in-game

    Overall , update so way much better compared to A10 and using A10 after using A11 is not so great experience , A11 is worth it over A10 and asus software are almost better than any software out there , much cleaner and smoother experience

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    I agree with you on the frame times, which I didn't really notice since it's not a huge difference, but noticeable that's true. As for the game performance, if it's a problem with the game, why did they work fine on Android 10? I'll assume they'll optimize for Android 11 if it's necessary but it's still annoying.

    The speakers are the biggest problem and I want to believe it's unchanged but it really isn't. I'm not saying that they changed the speakers themselves but something is definitely affecting them. You may find it hard to believe that screenrecording affecting the speakers, but it did and I think that's what's now affecting the whole system, rather than the speakers themselves being changed. Because now you don't hear the (previously) VERY noticeable switch when you turn record mode on. I used the feature a lot to record my games so I'm certain this was happening.

    For me, Android 11 doesn't feel much different outside of breaking some things that worked fine, but I understand that lots of people like whatever new features it has.

  • My Asus Cetra RGB alwyays on, i couldn't turn off RGB or change setting mode aura RGB anymore, i try turn off from armoury crate it doesn't work.

    It's consuming more battery when i play games, i don't when to buy new earphones or downgrade to A10, i have to many file it's take so long for transfer file to computer.

    Please give me update for it's

  • To clearify, you likely have issues due to cached shaders from Android 10. The speakers are unchanged, I assume once again some shenanigans happening trough the update itself. Now before you blame ASUS for this, it's not their fault, Android as a whole is just rather bad at updates, hopefully the rework on the update system on Android 12 improves on this. However I would recommend a factory reset to have everything working as intended. Android 11 update is nearly bugfree, there are 2 bugs 1 being the proximity sensor not working as intended and the other is a bug that I forgot, it was something very small that almost nobody cared for hence I forgot.

    As for apps not working, once again mostly caused by permissions from Android 10 not carrying over to Android 11 (reinstall helps), or some applications that have very outdated API's that have been deleted from Android 11 and hence won't work on any Android 11 phone (rare).

  • Thanks but did not work for me, already did factory reset, this just happened after updating to A11 😔 will try to downgrade 😔

  • Is your unit the global version or the Tencent unit?

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