Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working



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    Why are we not being heard on any of the platforms be it twitter or here!! Such a shame!!

  • Doesn't make any sense. It's a phone for gaming, but wifi won't work. What's the use of hyper fusion and other features, when wifi itself is not working. Help us ASUS

  • Even I'm facing issue that wifi toggle is not starting from yesterday. My phone restarted automatically and after that wifi is not switching on. Now a days phones are kind of useless without wifi. Asus Team, please fix this ASAP.

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    I'm also facing the same issue after the latest software update I took it to the nearest service center and these service center people just told me the update might not have installed properly so they will install it ..it should resolve the issue. After 3 hours they told me issue is not resolved this need to be sent to Chennai or Bangalore .Or else wait till next software update. To my shock they have close the job sheet online with comment "ISSUE RESOLVED".. Flipkart is asking for service denial statement from Asus service center so that they can support on this issue. Asus team didn't even try to reach back till now even after highlighting the issue in twitter. I'm help less now.

  • Could you please update how to use lan cave to connect to Wifi

  • i bought type c hub to rj45 dongle with phone to get low ping

  • Hi All,

    Anyone recieved any update for ETA for resolution or software update timeline?

  • I am facing the exact same issue. Everything was working uptil now then suddenly it showed no internet access for my wifi and the device crashed , I restarted it only to find out that now I cannot turn on wifi.

    If anyone has any working solution let me know.

    And asus team @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS let us know atleast if you even are working on a solution ?

  • Thanks for sharing this, we'll take a closer look at what's happening.

  • Even I'm facing the same issue all of a sudden from yesterday night. The version number is 18.0840.2106.86 I don't understand why this is not being addressed in any other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or anything like that?

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    I'm facing the same issue. I was normally browsing in my phone when the device crashed and after restarting I am not able to use WIFI at all. As I try to turn it on it automatically turns off. Honestly it has been a big mistake to trust Asus for the second time after ROG 2 and buy this ROG5. I'm never gonna buy an Asus product again. Once again, Thanks Asus for doing such an inconvenience.

  • Hi freakingrocky,

    Check your PM for Wifi issue.

  • Let us know too if something can be done, facing too much of inconvenience.

  • Dear Asus,

    Please provide a resolution for the WIFI not working at the earliest. It's pathetic to know my new device has had such an issue.

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/ASUS/comments/os4tkp/comment/h8ii5t9/?context=3

    Just found this , that guy got his rog 5 motherboard replaced from the service center. If that's the case , it sucks , I don't wana get my new phone opened up and repaired . It's not my fault any of this happened

  • This is stupid. I don't want my new device to be opened up. It's not my fault anywhere. All I can say is I will make sure this goes on to the media and people think before buying from Asus.

  • Reward for keeping that rubber plug safe and taking care of the phone is to get it repaired in the first month of using it.

  • Hi All, I am facing the same problem. Can anyone help?

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    It's true motherboard replacement is the only option if the last update have bricked the hardware..I did few tweets and Asus support reached out to me and asked me to give my mobile to nearest service center...I have gave it but I don't think I will get it back in next 10 days ...Service center told me it will take 20 days...Mathew from Asus told me we will check do the needful...online ticket show 7 days of SLA. Helpless just going with option...this phone already heat up a lot and if we play with mobile data I might burn myself... Asus was n is bad choice...

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