My app icons have white backgrounds and I cannot change home screen.

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I used to use zenui on my old phone (Nokia 8) and it had a LOT more options than the version of ZenUI that comes pre installed on my Asus Zenfone 8 flip ($1300 worth of phone...)

My SMS app (Textra) has an ugly white background that I cannot get rid of. I cannot change any icons. This option was available in older versions but apparently not now.

I can add pages to home screen but apparently can no longer set which home screen is my default, being forced to use the far left screen. Again this option existed in old versions but no way to change it now.

I tried to install the old version that I have on my Nokia but it won't let me installed a superior older version over this optionless current version.

Please help me fix this. i hate my Nokia and whole reason I bought this phone was cause it wasn't Apple, Samsung or Nokia.


  • Also every help page I've found shows the older versions of ZenUI that actually have options. But my phone doesn't have that version and I don't see any way to upgrade or downgrade (well, I could install the google version but that's too much of a downgrade)

  • Nevermind. took the phone back.

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