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Please update firmware with VoLTE here in the Philippines...so we may use new telco sim card for more reliable network provider..Tried other brand of phones Sim card is working,but for ASUS ROG 3...Cant call or receive calls


  • How can I activate volte of Asus zenfone8?

  • Please enable volte now! Recently in the area where I live, the 3g and gsm network were broken and only 4g was available, but my ROG3 DOES NOT HAVE VOLTE, I could not make or receive calls, this is inadmissible on a flagship phone of more than 1000 €. Please, make the necessary arrangements with the operators to enable the volTe all over the world so that the same thing that happened to me does not happen to them.

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    Here is their reply...so I sold my ROG3 and bought another phone with VoLTE capable

    Thank you for contacting ASUS Service Care.

    My name is Ellaine and it's my pleasure to help you with your problem.

    I understand that you would like to enable the VoLTE to you phone. Thank you for bringing this concern to us and I want to assure you that it will be my pleasure to help you!

    As for your concern, please be advised that as of the moment, we don't have plan to have a VoLTE update for old models. Currently only ROG Phone 5 supports it for Globe Telecom. Other telecoms and other phones are still being tested. However, it is very unlikely that the older phones like the ROG Phone to III will receive VoLTE support here in PH.

    So for VoLTE support, we're looking at the ROG Phone 5 and Zenfone 8 series.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    We value your business and we would like to thank you in advance for providing positive feedback in answering our survey that you will receive within 72hours. Trust that we will use this feedback to improve our services to you.

    For immediate assistance:

    Visior for Zenfone users: use Zentalk App

    Call our hotline at: (02)7798-5700.

    If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know. We will be more than happy to assist you.

    Wish you a nice day!

    Best regards,


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    I have official confirmation from ASUS Australia support that they will be testing VoLTE certification for the ROG PHONE 3 by the end of 2021. I received this confirmation via Asus Support last month.

    Even $50 phones in Australia support VoLTE. It's unacceptable that Asus doesn't support VoLTE out of the box. It is also deceptive advertising because nowhere on the box or marketing states it does not support VoLTE which is a standard expectation of a flagship phone.

  • Just wondering why VoLTE is not available on rog 3? Is it a hardware thats missing from the phone or just a software issue? If software issue then why not enable it? Or give us a viable solution. Its kinda hard to imagine a top end phone not being up to date with current VoLte usage. Please help.

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