Add game profile changer in game genie

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Pls add game profile changer in game genie..

For example, i have 2 profile for genshin, one for battery life and one for max performance..

It's kinda troublesome to always going into armoury crate, open game's scenario profile, and then change game profile..

I think it will be easier if dev can put game profile changer menu right inside game genie, so i can change game profile quickly..

Just swipe out game genie, touch that game profile changer icon/menu, and then select profile i want to use..

Just like when i want to use macro..

I know, after some update, i finally can open armoury crate on twinview dock's top screen..

I can open armoury crate while play games, and i can change game profile too directly inside armoury crate with it..

But still, not everyone have twinview dock..

Thx, and keep up the good work, guys!

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