Connecting Bluetooth Earphones Drastically Reduces Wifi Speed

I connected my bluetooth earphones and is connected to an high speed wifi with good signal. The usual speed is 4-5 mbps but when the earphones are connected it periodically drops down to 100kbps or less and the moment I turn off the bluetooth it just jumps to 2-3 mbps again and drops back bluetooth is connected. I have been noticing this for a month now. Tried resetting network connections, also tried with different bluetooth wifi's and apps.

I dont have any hopes that asus is going to help. Posting here to see if other members are having the same issue or if they have any solution to this. I can also provide a video to highlight the issue.

I am on latest build of A10 beta



  • I indeed have same problem. İf i use my Bluetooth headphones, my wifi speed drops so much that i can't watch 1080p YouTube videos properly. İt's probably related to frequency of everything being 2.4ghz, modem, phone and headphones.

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